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First Dakota leverages the construction management approach with a collaborative teaming environment that fulfills multiple parallel objectives, such as aesthetic and functional quality, budget and schedule management.


With a focus on quality, efficient use of funding, timely decision-making and risk mitigation, construction management continues to gain momentum for diverse construction initiatives within both the public and private realms. Clients in the Midwest turn to First Dakota for their construction management projects.

If you’re looking for a collaborative partner with experience from more than 200 construction management facilities, First Dakota offers you an exceptional staff to get the job done correctly on-time and on-budget.

You will benefit from:

  • Collaboration – First Dakota offers an operational environment focused on collaboration, integrating all team members throughout design and construction.
  • Efficient Operations – First Dakota has a strong management team with recent, practical and relevant construction management knowledge from broad portfolio of projects.
  • Balancing Time & Money – First Dakota analyzes all components of the cost equation simultaneously to determine the best solution for the optimal outcome. The result is a facility that achieves your objectives and stays within the schedule and budget parameters.
  • Integration of Technology – First Dakota maximize technology to provide thorough analysis of phasing, evaluation of design and scope features, as well as promote collaboration among all team members.

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